My Biography

Hi, I am Jody Goch

Born in Vancouver Canada 1959, when most of the suburbs were still bush.

Completed 'graduation' and attended College: Humanities, Creative Writing, Theatre and played lots and lots of basketball.

Worked in the transportation industry as a driver and Operations Manager, owned and ran a Mexican Tacaria, drove horse and carriage, worked as a cowgirl,trained horses and taught adult beginner riders and while doing that played and coached sports and generally enjoyed life.
(not in that order… :-) )

Moved to England in 2000 to study Buddhism and Meditation.

Came to Freiburg 2006, with no more German than 'Ich bin Jody, wo ist die Starbucks?'

Completed CELTA training
(teaching English as a second language)
London Jan. 2007 ESOL/CELTA Cert.

Worked for 3 years in a trade school in Freiburg, teaching English and learning some street German!

Decided to go self employed as an English teacher, wanting to use a more flexible creative approach than is possible in 'regular' schools and teaching.